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As the cell phone and online social networks revolutionized how we communicate in the modern world, Ileague will revolutionize how

we experience and enjoy high-school athletics. The culture that makes high school sports passionate, unpredictable, and inspiring will be at your fingertips. Ileague is a new, game-changing, online application which provides an open door into sports programs, their history, and their present activities. It is a link between schools, booster clubs, parents, athletes, coaches, scouts, athletic directors, and the community. With the Ileague database, users are able to instantly see updates, reminders, and current results. They are able to look at the personalities, training, and attitudes which move each sporting activity forward. As more schools and conferences become part of Ileague, the ability to track your favorite programs, or opposing school’s successes, or their athletes, is easily available to you.

We offer a unique connection to the WPA network and This connection allows schools to build their own identities that transcend the stiff, slow, and non-personal approach offered in quickly outdated print format. An iLeague user will be able to go back in time and find the interesting facts behind their team and behind an individual athlete. All of these facts add up and encourage a strengthening of each school’s sports culture.  An iLeague user will be able to see who has moved on to college sports and what is occurring in a player’s new, athletic efforts. Each program, each sport, will be reaching out to their supporters, alumni, and interested followers. The information is provided in a format that quickly provides a portal to make each sport click, and develops a strong following, with contiually growing community support and excitement.

Booster/Athletic supporter clubs.: iLeague provides the platform to provide a mix of love of High school athletics  and market forces, to create a viable, objective basis for advertising dollars. iLeague will be a trackable site, creating the opportunity to prove the advertising dollars invested are being spent wisely based on usership statistics. Advertisers will be able to choose from a variety of options, from the standard website advertisement, to the real-time, push advertising allowing them to communicate in a personal fashion with their local potential clients. Clubs offering iLeague will build their usership by being current with their sport information and by going back in time and providing history, year-by-year, sport-by-sport to the viewers. The sense of pride and the acknowledgement of participation, along with the engaging stories of the past, draw in viewers. The income potential and draw is in the hands of the athletic club. The more love and effort that a school and booster club puts into building and updating of their iLeague site, the greater the usage will be on the site; thus, the better the opportunity to show the value in advertising. Athletic clubs faced with time limitations will find no better platform to raise solid financial support; support that builds year after year, based on the love of the programs and the interest in the children involved.

How will booster clubs make money?

1. Standard web Advertising spots.

2. Special spots based on the programs advancement into play offs and finals.

3. Streaming ads that exist on the iLeague Application.

4. Push advertising, allowing companies to send out ads specifically to your schools community. These ads can be as simple as “Shop at Al’s mower shop,” to specials involving restaurants offering specific, late-evening offerings to holders of the iLeague App. Push ads, by nature, can be very creative and highly specific, giving the advertiser more bang for their advertising buck.

5. Athletic clubs will be able to send their own messages to their app community, such as, “Don’t forget tomorrow night’s big game, come early for a seat.” This type of notification can be up out a week ahead or one hour before game time. Increasing the attendance with this type of notice is assured.  Each sport or club  will have the ability to draw its own followers, as well as the overall booster club general users. How each user is communicated with will be up to that user. However, choosing to like a sport allows that sport, coach, or team representative to message directly to their Ileague users.

Why is this different from just having a website.?

The Ileague application creates a shared experience with participating schools. With this app, a user will be able to read sports highlights, player biographies, and team results, all written in sport-writer’s fashion. Rosters from schools inside the Wpa network will be available on all Apps. Each booster club will have market incentives to update and build the information located on their website.

How do we get started?

Contact  to Sign up! We'll walk you through the next steps.

No one is computer savvy at our school, what do we do.?
Good news, Ileague was designed for ease of use; prompts and notification come automatically. Each school’s information will be specific to what their needs and desires are, we purposely have created bio pages to be open text; put up as much, or as little as you wish. One school may put up minimal information, while others may build a great deal of content. Market based incentives will provide results which make it fun to add relevant content to the site. However, website content is 100% up to the school outside of basic information, such as rosters and schedules.

What if we are the first school in our conference to sign up on Ileague.?

No problem, all you need is the rosters of the rest of the schools in your conference, just load them up. Your school will have a site that has all the basic information.  You will find, that supporters and advertisers from the other schools will be buying your app and advertisers will want to be a part of your program. You will be doing all schools a favor by engaging their supporters and advertisers.  As your success grows, their desire to engage will be increased. Even as some advertisers switch, usage of your site increases and your ability to show value to your advertisers increases. More advertising or higher advertising return to you your club will occur.

What if there is information our school doesn’t want to share?

Don’t share it.  Start slowly and experiment with what your supporters are looking for. Play and have fun building. Remember team bio’s, player bio’s and sport history is highly engaging.  You will have many sport enthusiasts researching and learning about your team and your school’s sports culture.

Name some advantages that makes Ileague different. ?

You will have access to team rosters and player/team information throughout your classification. You will have immediate access to WPA network. You will have player and team bio’s, sports highlights from the near and distant past, instant booster club communication, objective advertising results, community building, ease of site maintenance...just to name a few!

Is the loading of ads intimidating?

Remember, these ads are straight forward. With all sizes, resolution will be listed on each ad space. Potential advertisers will be able clearly see what is required to be on the site and advertised on the Ileague App. There will be a short web tutorial once you have signed on for Ileague.

Who maintains and works on our booster’s website and App.?

We suggest the group selects a lead person. They can issue pass codes to individuals who are responsible for providing certain sports information. Each Ileague App will allow up to ten(10) individuals who operate on the App. Each person will have their individual pass code to track where information comes from. If a school wishes to modify their App, they can, as long as the modification doesn’t change the function of the network.  Modifications may be possible. However, there will be an extra cost involved in the modification

How come it costs to be a part of Ileague?

Ileague is a strong website with a great deal of researchable data.  The App is adaptive and effective. Both of these services are highly developed, allowing a program the ability to take in much more than the monthly upkeep costs of Ileagcertain our initial stage we are offering creative options, ones that allow your program to succeed and profit.


Why should we advertise on Ileague?
Advertisers know original content is highly sought and want to be a part of I no active advertising.  customize messages to App holders, and choose different packages to suit their needs best. Rates will be based on objective user results, tracked by a simple point and click. Advertisers can show their love for their school and kids, while gaining valuable marketing outreach. The advertising medium will be unique, specific, and full of an advertiser’s personality, as its viewers will be community. Advertisers will also appreciate the ease of ad set up and display on the site.

Parents will be able to help manage their child’s sports Bio’s. They will be able to offer items of interest to the site, such as: summer sport activity, a child’s highlights or unusual skills/ achievements/ general items of interest. For Kids who have the potential and desire to play at a higher level, the Ileague App will have the ability to put up film highlights, statistics, training, achievements, and all items of interest to the potential college or program who may be interested.  There is no I in Team and Ileague will be the place for the student athlete, along with the help of the athletic supporters of the school, to showcase their individual achievements and desires. Of course, who cares about the success of the student athletes more that the parents, and the coaches?

Here is where the total experience comes together:
Experience:  It is 2 pm; you get a message reminding you of tonight’s game and the reminder of the pre-game BBQ . This is great, for you had nearly forgotten and booked something else.  After the pre-game BBQ, you walk into the home gym. You will be able to show the gate attendant that you have a certain color screen, depicting your status as a ticket holder (Green =1 red =4 tickets etc… ). As you sit down, you will be able to instantly call up your team roster and opposing team roster at the touch of your Ileague App. Once you feel comfortable, you may bounce to the opposing team’s booster club site, where you will read the season’s information on their team bio page, or go to their player’s page and see what makes a player tick.

Check past games and schedules by slipping back forth from Ileague to the Check how schools are doing in other conferences by researching WPA network and going into a participating school’s booster site.

Research playoff possibilities and players; find where the seniors from last year are playing now. You are able to go to teams of the past and compare and analyze.  As playoffs draw near, you will be able to carry the brackets, rosters, and results at your finger tips. No more bulky pamphlets to drag around. Ileague will be connected to a social media site, allowing enthusiasts to comment and compare in the public setting using their real, trackable identity. This allows for interaction, but with full accountability for words used in a public space about a team, school or player.

At half time, you may receive a message from a local restaurant for an after game special, or a club event being held after the game. At the end of the game, perhaps your school will sponsor the opposing school’s player-of-the-night or some other creative, positive event, as your mission as an athletic club is to provide a positive, safe place for your sports culture thrive.