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How to Get iLeague Sports App For iPhone and iPad:

1.Go to App store. In the

search bar, type in “iLeague Sports.”

2.There will be a Lynden Christian High School
App that comes up. This
is a custom app specifically

for Lynden Christian. If you are not from LC or would like

information on other schools, choose the other option for $0. the

iLeague Sports App

  1. When you click on the icon, it will show a green button that says “BUY APP.” Click on this.

  2. If you already have an Apple ID password enter it in the pop up screen that appears. If you do

    not have an Apple account, you will need to create one before you can purchase the App. After you enter your password successfully, a button will appear that says “installing.”

  3. When the iLeague Sports App is done installing, it will give you a button that says “open.”

  4. When you click on open, a blue pop up screen will appear saying “iLeague would like to send you push notifications.” Please press ‘OK’ to allow these push notifications. Push notifications will inform you of any changes to game schedules, advertiser specials sent out to iLeague users only, and any other updates to the roster or programs.

  5. Right now there are 13 schools listed in the NW Conference. Click on the school that you want to see. Once you have selected a school, close the “Settings” screen with the ‘x’ in upper right hand corner of the screen. This will allow you to view the school you have selected.

  6. A gray screen will come up when you first open the App as a tutorial on how to navigate the App. After reading each hint, you can either hit “Close Help” at the top left of the screen or choose “Next Hint” at the top right of the screen to scroll through all the hints at once. These are your only two options to get through the hints and get to the App.

  7. To exit the App, swipe back to the original page and hit the gear symbol in the bottom right corner *. This will take you to the“Settings” page which allows you to change schools or Login (top right corner) or reset hints.

10.When scrolling through different schools, keep in mind that not every school has taken full advantage of what the iLeague Sports App can offer and not all team or school information will be listed.

11.Please be sure to return to the App store ,after you have used the iLeague Sports App, to

write a rating: Open the App icon in the App store. Click on “Ratings and Reviews” button. Tap on how many stars you would like to give the App, then click on “write a review” and enter your Apple ID password (this is to ensure that you actually purchased the App). Write your review and submit. Thanks!



For Android:

1.On your computer got to: In the search bar at the top of the screen, enter: “iLeague Sports.”

2.Purchase the iLeague Sports App for $0

3.Follow the onscreen directions to install the App to your device.

4.Please be sure to return to the Google Play (GP) store,after you have used the App, to write a rating: Open the App icon in the GP store. Under the screen

shots of the App, click on “write a review” you will need to sign in before you can write the review (this is to ensure that you actually purchased the App). Write your review and submit. Thanks!

5. For Kindle Fire Users: Google Play is the new name for the Google Android App store. Amazon intentionally chose not to pay for access to this marketplace (Google charges for access), so that people

who buy the Kindle Fire would use Amazon's App store. Unfortunately, at this time, the iLeague Sports App is not available at the Amazon App store. So, although your Kindle Fire will run an Android App, to get iLeague Sports App for your Kindle Fire, you would need to find it on an external App site and sideload it to your Kindle Fire. Sideload simply means using a "side door" for installation of an App by downloading an ".apk" file to your device from the web